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Anyone who has a website where the main goal is to share things they love, and looks funky as hell while doing it! I won't accept websites that try to sell people something (if you have commissions or link to a storefront though that's chill), or has hate speech or bigotry in it. I want to keep this webring pretty small since I don't update it very often, so for now I'll only be accepting personal websites.

I also won't accept sites that have copied another person's layout exactly. Sites that are using someone else's layout as a base, but have been edited to have their own flair are totally fine though! Whats important is that you worked hard to make a site you're proud of, regardless of whether you coded it by hand or not. I also don't accept sites that have been inactive for over a few months.


Submit your website here. Also keep in mind that I only check submissions every once in a while, so please be patient and don't send multiple responses.

If your website is accepted, place the code on the page of your website that was submitted. For example, if you submit your homepage to the webring, please put the code on your homepage (rather than a links/other page). This is to make it easier for web surfers to navigate our sites.

You'll have a week or so to add the widget onto your site to keep the ring from being broken for too long. After that I'll remove you from the ring, but you can message my neocities profile if you want to be put back in.

Also obligatory disclaimer: the views of the people in this webring are not my own! I get a lot of responses so I don't go through every single page on a person's site, but I do try to look through them when I have the time.


I'll try to put accessibility stuff in the website descriptions but I might not catch all of it (especially since I usually block autoplay).

Website: @rocktype
Owner: ROCKY (me!)
Desc: funky website where i talk about the d&d campaign im in and video games i like! Has eyestrainy colors (i think). Mobile friendly.

Name: Heart 143
Website: @heart143
Owner: heart
Desc: Black and red themed site with different layouts for each page. Not mobile friendly.

Name: tonicfunk dot com
Website: @tonicfunk
Owner: tonicfunk
Desc: Very 90s site that focuses on machine/web preservation. Not mobile friendly.

Name: garf
Website: @garf
Owner: dove
Desc: Every page has a different layout. Some flashing gifs. Not mobile friendly. Has autoplay.

Name: uncanny valley web
Website: @uncannyvalley
Owner: vinnie
Desc: In character site about the webmaster's oc universe + art. Not mobile friendly. Has autoplay.

Name: bungeegum
Website: @bungeegum
Owner: doflamingo
Desc: Pink circus theme. Not mobile friendly. Has autoplay.

Name: troy-sucks
Website: @troy-sucks
Owner: aiden!
Desc: Rainbow themed site. Different pages have different layouts, some are mobile friendly and some aren't.

Name: scourges webroom
Website: @scourgescloset
Owner: scourge
Desc: Takes "horrible web design over the hyper capitalist web of 2022". Not mobile friendly. Has autoplay.

Name: Windigo's infernum
Website: @windigo
Owner: Wind
Desc: Different pages have different layouts. Not mobile friendly.

Name: naxdot
Website: @naxdot
Owner: Dax
Desc: Black and rainbow theme. Mobile friendly.

Name: ap's hub
Website: @aphub
Owner: anapaula
Desc: Sparkly and purple. Not mobile friendly.

Name: antikrist
Website: @antikrist
Owner: kristin
Desc: Ocean themed site with lots of web goodies. Not mobile friendly.

Name: Never Jhonsen
Website: @neververy4
Owner: Never Spyro Jhonsen
Desc: Fursona info (character bios/art) + HDPE recycling. Mostly mobile friendly.

Name: Pip-Pepping
Website: @pip-pepping
Owner: Pepy
Desc: My site is mainly here for me to share my artwork (eventually) and tell people about my characters in a way other medias can't provide

Website: @mothcore
Owner: juette
Desc: juette's home on the web

Name: Hidden World
Owner: Skykristal
Desc: My website is my own personal place, which features a lot of different content. Art, Original characters, useful things, diary, writing, collections etc. I love colorful but gentle styles and that´s what I try to show off on my site :D

Website: @sixtoesss
Owner: sixtoesss
Desc: a very PINKISH n colourful y2k vibeish blog w a fun diary to read! 17+

Name: Ace's Tea Shop
Website: @acebit
Owner: AceBit
Desc: a personal site for me to share my hobbies and whatever else! tea-themed with a cosy vibe

Name: Rh0mbus0fRuin neocities
Website: @rh0mbus0fruin
Owner: Martin
Desc: mine is just a personal website for me to share my interests and practice coding!

Name: Rotten Rainbow508
Website: @rotten1rainbow508
Owner: Mush
Desc: i made dis website bcuz i wanted 2 share kewl graphicz n teach ppl random stuff!!!!1111!!

Name: Candy Jam's!
Website: @candyjam
Owner: Candy Jam
Desc: My website is personal one with a pink and rainbow theme!

Name: Divergent Rays
Website: @divergentrays
Owner: Divergent Rays
Desc: See the weird places I've been, the cocktails I enjoy, my cats, web sites I find interesting, my cross stitch projects .

Name: thekelpcafe
Website: @thekelpcafe
Owner: Kelp
Desc: Basically a blog with a neat grid background. I got a link page!

Name: Pink Spider
Website: @pinkspider
Owner: Sig
Desc: This is my personal website for all the things I’m interested in. Random blog posts, icons and adopts, constant layout changes, and an unapologetic amount of love for the musicians (mostly the visual kei scene) that I like; you’ll find it all here!

Name: Valyce Negative
Owner: Valyce Negative
Desc: Hi! My site is a personal art gallery and repository of my characters/their universe/lore, also a general journal of the conventions I go to.

Name: sleepy sage
Website: @sleepy-sage
Owner: sage
Desc: personal site, cute and creepy, several pages about my different interests

Name: sparklelollipop
Website: @sparklelollipop
Owner: lily
Desc: site is a wip @ the moment,, i have tried 2 make it as cute n kawaii as possible !!! :3 im kinda new 2 html so it isnt great but hey!

Name: 2ASKEW
Website: @2askew
Owner: Askew
Desc: The most indescribable place on the web. Personal/OC, funky layouts and miscellanous.

Name: PKLucky's Beachside Lounge
Website: @pklucky
Owner: PK
Desc: My personal website where I post art, fanfics, and a lot of other creative stuff! Most of the website has an oceanic theme to it. Other than the self-ship subpages, the website is mobile-friendly.

Name: tarocchilla's website
Website: @tarocchilla
Owner: Tarocchilla
Desc: A site to share my art and projects mostly, looking super cool by doing so!

Name: Cinnamuff's Galaxy
Website: @cinnamuff
Owner: Kris
Desc: A space themed site with my recent and past art, it also has a mini site where I talk about my OCs and their worlds!

Name: mysweetpiano
Website: @mysweetpiano
Owner: Yaya
Desc: a personal site that showcases my art, hobbies, favourites and a place to write my thoughts and feelings, my site is in a mostly pastel theme except some secret pages in more different types of themes

Name: the worlds address!
Website: @worldsaddress
Owner: mojo chessmaster
Desc: website by a trans autistic person who likes weird music, art, fictional characters and their countless special interests. assumably perpetually work in progress, but still happy to see visitors!

Name: Super Nxva
Website: @supernxva
Owner: Oliver
Desc: This website is a place for the webmaster to talk about their interests and practice his coding skills.

Owner: drako
Desc: Personal website for all sorts of things. Green futuristic "hacker" theme, mobile friendly

Name: NinAcTi0N's Lab
Website: @ninacti0n
Owner: NinAcTi0N
Desc: A weird place born out of the fusion of neon colors, chaotic energy, retro poster vibes and sci-fi grunge, my lab is the main place for my many projects and stories, while having its own secrets. From artworks and original songs to interactive sections, it'll have a bit of everything I like and do! Still under construction though, and not mobile friendly.

Name: Only Wonder
Website: @onlywonder
Owner: Ansehelm
Desc: Random stuff including recipes, a journal, and shrines.

Name: clownbonk
Website: @clownbonk
Owner: clownbonk
Desc: a cotton-candy scented site dedicated to all things clown! :o)

Name: cassette on da net
Website: @cassette-kiddo
Owner: cassette
Desc: i share everything, and i have a nice little dark graphic heavy space yhing

Name: i drew you something
Website: @deadland
Owner: kriz
Desc: well its a work in progress it's very janky lookin rn but ive been workin behind the scenes. for the index i was going for an old like spacey vibe like kinda cyber y2k but that shits too advanced for me so its like bootleg cyber y2k. my site will share my art and interest and my current obsession/hyperfixation with everything friday night funkin.

Name: 44nifty v4
Website: @44nifty
Owner: 44nifty

Name: PathDOG
Website: @pathwbeast
Owner: Nikodemus
Desc: It's a mix between a personal site where I goof off and stuff, and an art site, I also plan to add a comic that'll release periodically. The aesthetic I'm aiming for is a cross between the aesthetic of DSi era games and 90s personal sites, although on a more optimized layout

Name: The Possum Den
Website: @kingposs
Owner: KingPoss
Desc: The Possum Den is coming straight out of the early 2000s, with a front page covered in stamps that all say something about me and what I like! :) I've got an art gallery for all of my work, and a live radio station that broadcasts old tracker music and indie artists from around the net 24/7 with an Auto-DJ! There's even 100% LIVE Broadcasts DJ'd by me, as well as interviews with other webmasters, musicians, and artists. Come see!

Name: The Chaotic Threshold
Website: @shadowfae
Owner: Pale
Desc: Pixel aesthetic, early 2000s style. It's a personal site, I do a lot of writing mostly.

Name: respiradordemostaza
Website: @respiradordemostaza
Owner: mirinda
Desc: a lot of blue...all of the pages have a different layout. i mostly talk about my interests and dump my art on here. there may be some eyestrainy stuff but its not a lot, not mobile friendly. also the whole site is in spanish

Name: Yue's Space of Chaos
Website: @yuentp
Owner: Yue
Desc: A personal site about videogames, art and anime with chaos and space as its main theme!

Name: The Nippoverse
Owner: Nippo
Desc: Just a site for myself. I change the aestethic of my website based on each tab

Name: BlackStarGarden
Website: @blackstargarden
Owner: graph100
Desc: new layout!

Name: Avenue
Website: @avenue
Owner: Belle
Desc: my personal blog! my layouts/aesthetic are a tribute to the personal self-hosted blogs from the early to mid/late 2000s that heavily relied on photoshop and left aligned layouts. :)

Website: @meyyebs
Owner: arden
Desc: cozy, nostalgic personal site with a hint of weird :)

Name: totally cringepilled (dashevycave)
Website: @dashevycave
Owner: Shevy
Desc: just a place (huge wip) where I plan to shove stuff I love on!! w a rainbowcore flair bc I love tons of colors n shit that hurts my eyes

Name: fran's webspace
Owner: fran
Desc: my site is a weird digital scrapbook that contains all of my weird shenanigans, like my thoughts and writings, i like to go for a cutesy, simple style on my site to make it navigable

Name: the gvttr
Website: @thegvttr
Owner: nine9000
Desc: welcome to the gutter, my nine9000 space! inspired by early 2000s/late90s web aestetic, i have the goal of breaking your compter with the ammount of gifs ive seemed to collect. have click about and find all my secrets! dont look to far tho

Website: @leonidas
Owner: Leo
Desc: my site is essentially my digital curio cabinet, and my layout is themed after windows 9X but with a more rainbow-y arcade floor-esque twist :D

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