01.01.22 11:10 AM
feeling: omg new years
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Missed the Bus!
- Vertigoaway

heyyyyyyy besties its been a minute both since ive written smth in here and updated a part of my website that isnt for petaldive which is soooo crazy. petaldive is my baby btw im truly living from one session to the next. anyway a lot happened ig but also nothing has happened. lemme think. ok so i got more dice i will make a page for all the dice i have soon bc i think that would be epic.

my grandma visited during thanksgiving break and we went to the aquarium again AND THEY GOT A NEW JELLYFISH!!! photo of the egg yolk jellyfish enclosed below You Will Witness Him. we also visited family for christmas and that went about as badly as youd expect given...everything. im really happy to be home and safe tho.

OH ALSO i passed calc 2 finally suck my dick math. really crazy opinion ik but i think you dont have to like math to be a compsci major. i think i still wanna take a gap semester down the line so i can live with my friends for a bit before finishing Hell School.

Oh yeah my laptop def shat itself it still works but its on its last legs. ive been updating the website on my moms laptop and it cant do much but its very stable so im grateful for that. once i get a new one i am rawdogging yuppie psycho tho i wanna keep playing that game SO bad its such a fun game guys.

anyway besides all that 2021 was a super rough year for me mentally and school makes me evil so idk im truly expecting nothing out of 2022. i hope im happier though. and i hope my bf passes his driving test lol i love him so much btw he is my world!!!!! idc if thats corny ok im gonna eat breakfast now see you all l8er

08.21.21 4:00 AM
fav animal: jellyfish
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i went to an aquarium on the 19th for the first time w my bf and one of my best friends who was visiting from really far away and it was so fun! they had 3 kinds of jellyfish: sea nettles, forgot the exact species but i think they were either chrysaora fuscescens or chrysaora achlyos; comb jellies, which I never thought i'd get the chance to see irl and we're way smaller than i expected, and moon jellies. They also had a giant pacific octopus (which i based one of my ocs off of but eventually changed her design a lot) and some weedy sea dragons (i wish they had leafy sea dragons too, though). we spent the rest of the day at the beach and the water was freezing but i still swam in it for a while.

i took some really nice pics (and have been spamming so many people with them LMAO), maybe i'll add a gallery down the line so i can post them here! for now you get 1 sea nettle pic (click for full res)