.-'''-. ,---------.    ____     ________  ________  
  / _     \\          \ .'  __ `. |        ||        | 
 (`' )/`--' `--.  ,---'/   '  \  \|   .----'|   .----' 
(_ o _).       |   \   |___|  /  ||  _|____ |  _|____  
 (_,_). '.     :_ _:      _.-`   ||_( )_   ||_( )_   | 
.---.  \  :    (_I_)   .'   _    |(_ o._)__|(_ o._)__| 
\    `-'  |   (_(=)_)  |  _( )_  ||(_,_)    |(_,_)     
 \       /     (_I_)   \ (_ o _) /|   |     |   |      
  `-...-'      '---'    '.(_,_).' '---'     '---' 

Incoming interns are encouraged to meet peers outside of their department through our taskforce program, where three recruits are grouped with a current employee in order to take on multidisciplinary projects. The following interns, along with their supervisor, make up Petaldives newest t(aaa)skforce!

  • human fighter (she/her)
  • department: accounting
  • email: expertbreedingcaptain @c0.petaldive.com
  • favorite paper color: goldenrod
  • weapon: briefcase
  • tarot card: page of swords
  • character sheet

Valedictorian of her graduating class at Helvetica Courier University's School of Business. Recipient of many prestigious awards and accolades over her academic years. Former heir to the Serif Conglomerate. Prom Queen in her high school senior year as a result of pity voting after a freak bike accident. Arial is looking to hit the ground running at her first internship...which was totally legitimately earned on her own merit and nothing else by the way. Shedding the Serif name once and for all – after years of being associated with her father by peers and mentors alike, despite receiving no real benefit from him – she wants to finally make a name for herself at Petaldive. To quote from her valedictory address which, according to Arial, quotes an unnamed highly renowned businesswoman; "What doesn’t kill you makes a fighter."

  • tiefling warlock (he/him as alric, but normally any pronouns)
  • department: sales
  • email: danganronpa_roleplayer @c0.petaldive.com
  • favorite paper color: lavender
  • weapon: bluetooth phone
  • tarot card: 7 of swords
  • character sheet

Recognized by many yet known by few, Vesper is an up and coming warlock who's amassing power at an alarming rate. In just 4 years, they've established themself as someone who will take practically any job from a patron and get it done — so long as the magic abilities they gain are worth the trouble, and the patron can tolerate how much of a loose cannon they are. Despite this, nobody knows what gig they're taking or who their current patron is at any given time — since they always don a disguise when carrying out their end of the deal. There are many rumors surrounding their true identity and the reason they want to gain so much power in the first place, with some involving an archdevil called The Herald of Darkness, but ultimately no one has been able to figure them out. After their newest patron asks them to infiltrate Petaldive HQ, they assume the identity of Alric Starbrand — An intern entering the sales department. Let's see if working at a company dedicated to gathering valuable information will expose his secrets! (Spoilers: It totally will lmfao)

  • tiefling rogue (she/her)
  • department: customer service
  • email: anklescissorhead @c0.petaldive.com
  • favorite paper color: periwinkle
  • weapon: scissors
  • tarot card: 2 of swords
  • character sheet

An amnesiac who woke up in a forest with nothing but her name, clothes, gardening shears, and an unfaltering urge to work at a company named "Petaldive". Despite not remembering anything from her original life, she applied for a position with little hesitation — with her optimistic personality and disarming smile, how could they not hire her? She tends to come off as naive, even though she's just trying to keep her anxietes about her circumstances at bay.

  • archfey + human(?) t(aaa)skforce supervisor (he/they)
  • department: hr
  • favorite paper color: teal
  • weapon: their ass is fat + rapier, longsword, halberd
  • tarot cards: the star, the world, 2 of pentacles

The kind of guy who brings a big pot of spaghetti to the office party but then he drops it so you see him on the floor trying to pick up all the spaghetti and it's everywhere but he's still a little hot and it's not embarassing at all.

  • sexy pathetic lesbian manthing (he/she)
  • department: it
  • favorite paper color: burgundy
  • weapon: like 20 paper shredders
  • tarot cards: the chariot, justice, knight of cups

As the only IT employee, Taro is really good at what he does and even better at not doing it. She was recently employed by the Raven Queen to digitize all of Shadowfell's death records, so she has thousands of years worth of work cut out for her. Goodbye...peaceful office life...

  • great old one hot sexy shopkeeper npc (he/they)
  • department: paradiso company rep (not a petaldive employee)
  • favorite paper color: green
  • weapon: kon is absolutely whipped for him. also they can literally reshape reality
  • tarot cards: the moon, ace of cups, 2 of swords

A shady businessman with long ears, he's in charge of the Under Rose Branch of the Paradiso company — providing products, services, and solutions to the t(aaa)skforce at a hefty discount. They're also the one who helps Kon pick up the spaghetti.

  • salamander(?) head of accounting (she/her)
  • department: accounting
  • favorite paper color: pink
  • weapon: really bad tasting sugary melted peach gum
  • tarot cards: judgement, queen of swords r, 10 of wands

She's the best employee at Petaldive because she actually does her job. She recently got employee feedback that she was "mean" and "difficult to approach" so she's trying to be nicer with moderate success. The t(aaa)skforce reported to her while they worked in the surveillance department and she's Arial's actual for real boss — but nobody knew because her name only appears as "Ar...ei" in emails. Her full name is Arisainde fer Tempes Lore He Sui Amor Hyuvei, but everyone just calls her Arisa.

  • baby beholder security camera (any pronouns)
  • department: security
  • favorite paper color: ???
  • weapon: they have seen every embarassing moment in the building and will ask about it.
  • tarot cards: moon r, page of wands

A baby beholder who is in charge of watching everything that happens at petaldive and records it inside their orb. They are trying so hard to understand Alric specifically because recordings of him are really spotty (at Kon and Thyme's requests) and the way he acts when they do see him makes no fucking sense.

Alice Starbrand: Alric's older sister who's an alchemist studying artificial lifeforms. She helped the t(aaa)skforce with the gardenia homunculi situation by testifying in court as Herself (Bananice Agnus). She currently lives with Garter and Denia (see employees) at her and Alric's apartment (that he does not live in right now) I Guess. She's the only person who knows Vesper's identity besides Thyme and Kon.

Biscoff: Arial's engineer friend from college. They're really good at selling and forging shit, and helped Arial sell the can of homunculi blood for big money. Dating Meringue.

Meringue: Arial's lawyer friend from college. Represented Petaldive in court as a defense attourney. Dating Biscoff.

Lanter: A lich who is one of Thyme's dads and Gardenia's gay best friend. They always tear each other a new asshole and Gardenia claims she hates him, but also they have book club together <3 He's the author of a lot of books, but unfortunately the shitty ones he wrote as a joke ended up being the most popular with a bunch of unironic fans so now he has to keep writing them for money </3

Lucida New Roman: Co-owner and bartender of the Sexi Deli bar, Arial's mom, and Alric's sorta kinda mother figure friend (except she doesn't know that he's Alric right now). Was personally invited to Gardenia's welcoming ball by Gardenia herself. Now that Arial's sent her like 10,000,000,000 credits, she never has to worry about money ever again. material gworl <3

Durayin Agnus: Famed archmage, Kon's friend, and Alric's grandpa. He and Kon studied magic together 7 years ago while Kon was still a part of the peerage system, and have been penpals since. He often mentioned a specific "grandson" who sounded pretty batshit, and Kon recently realized said grandson was Alric. Alric did his mage apprenticeship under Durayin, but works anonymously under the guise of "wanting to make a name for himself". He had no idea Kon and his grandparents were friends until Kon tried introducing them to each other. He also owes Thyme a ridiculous amount of money, and had Alric pay it in his stead. He didn't know Kon, Thyme, and Alric all knew each other but he does now! He tends to show up late to things and gets along with everybody.

Anthe Agnus: Durayin's partner, Alric's grandpa, and Kon's acquaintance. He's a well-renowned pyrotechnician, and Kon commissioned him to make the coolest fireworks show ever for Gardenia's welcoming ball because he knows Alric loves fireworks. He didn't realize Alric did his pyrotechnician apprenticeship under Anthe himself (Thyme already knew though and just didn't say anything lmao) but Alric told him later that night (and that's when Kon realized Durayin and Anthe were his grandparents!) Anthe tends to come off as a bit intimidating or suspicious because of his large presence (that's where Alric gets it from <3) but he's really sweet. He's pretending to be a Tiefling but he's actually a Devil (the only people who know are his family, Thyme, and now Kon).

Gully: A former child actress turned streamer/microinfluencer who is allegedly Aglet's girlfriend and is determined to bring her back from her "mental health break" (and also their relationship break?). Aglet doesn't remember her at all and Gully thinks she's just playing hard to get. Also she calls Aglet shoe-shoe.

Lilac Serif Swan: A 6 year old business person who recently recruited Arial as her newest Business Associate, and is excited to finally have her older half-sister in her life (she wants them to have a family business <3). She's the daughter of Sans Serif (Arial's dad who disowned her) and Snowdrop Swan (A Devil who works in Businey), and is the current heir to the Serif Conglomerate. She loves grapes and collecting business cards (just like Arial used to)!

Zack: Alric's best friend forever who recently resurfaced (from his grave). He was previously in ~astral jail~ because he took a huge bite (literally) out of the Raven Queen's forces, and because he's one of the few sentient ghouls in existence. But it's ok because now he works for her and is on ~astral parole~. He worked the bar at Gardenia's welcoming party because he "accidentally" ate the original bartender (and he didn't even get paid -_-). He's staying at the t(aaa)skforce's apartment while he visits.

Lemon: Daughter of Alric, Kon, and Thyme. The rules of the universe have a weak hold on her bc she's part "whatever the fuck Thyme is" and has Alric's hubris and curiosity (this ones worse tbh). Kon and Alric suppressed their memories of meeting her because they thought it was weird to find out that in some versions of the future they get married and have a kid, when at this point in time they barely started dating. No spoilers!!1!!!1

Awoobin: Dire wolf that Aglet gave Alric's Philter of Love Potion to because she wanted a doggy. They are the most beautiful animal in the forest and a proud + honest creature. Loves Aglet, tolerates Arial, and thinks Alric is the fugliest creature ever because he doesn't pamper them. (edit: at this point Awoobin thinks Arial is the fugly slut for taking up so much of Aglet's time, and Alric started being nicer when he found out Awoobin has healing spit) Basically a massive, untrained dog who shits in the T(aaa)skforce's apartment. (edit: NOW SEMI-TRAINED! thanks thyme <3)

Rimiel: A Paradiso employee who helped the T(aaa)skforce save their snowsports instructor. They were apparently trying to investigate their friend's dad while they were there, but there were no dilfs on the premises :( bummer

Metalhead Morby: Former gladiator who died in the heat of battle and ended up possessing an animatronic caracal mascot. He ended up being one of the animatronics who went haywire at Petaldive Jr. but Arial was able to save everyone with her Fighting Spirit. Morby was so impressed that he granted her the gift of barbarian rage and now follows her around in spirit form (their souls are actually fused now).

Winzy: loves his water cooler, affectionately named The Water Cool~ He's also the head of customer service and Aglet's for real boss??1?!?

Seo Jihoon: Department head of social events who loves the tingly feeling of friendship. Good friends with Aglet and Sen.

Quizmaster: Guards(?) the archives by quizzing people who try to enter and also gives boat tours. They don't call him the master for nothing <3

Mike & Ludis: Quizmaster's coworkers and fiancees. They're both like 50 ft tall btw and Quizmaster is normal sized.

Dodondledesh: A Bookwyrm who's the librarian of the archives. They're so sweet and helpful I love her.

Ru-Ru: An employee from R&D who went missing because she was so into her research. Makes tech that grabs your info for targeted ads in the most fucked up way possible but she's so cute. takes many opportunities to get out of work, was last spotted pretending to be a gardenia golem in production. Also she has a huge crush on Arisa.

Garter: Gardenia homunculus that the t(aaa)skforce killed (mostly Aglet though) and Alric revived. Garter took Aglet's eye out as payback, and has recently befriended Alric's sister <3 Recently got hired to deliver Kon's assignments to the t(aaa)skforce.

Denia: Gardenia homunculus that the t(aaa)skforce killed (mostly Alric though) and Alric revived. Currently recovering in Alric's sister's lab with Garter. She delivers messages for Kon whenever Garter calls out of work.

Gardenia: Known as the Information Queen, Gardenia is the most powerful warlock in the world, Kon's mom, and the founder and CEO of Petaldive who recently resurfaced (turns out she was on vacation at an unreachable location). She is currently trying to get to know Alric since he's fruity with Kon and Thyme, and unfortunately for him has also been trying to figure out who Vesper is (hot goss like that is worth a lot of money). She loves Kon sooooooo much.

Sen Ternic: Head of Sales & Marketing and Alric's for real boss. He's spent most of his adult life furthering his career, unlike this one fugly slut who works for him :/ (he doesn't know that Alric has also spent his entire adult life on his "archmage speedrun" career) so unfortunately he's still single (he cares about being in a relationship lol rip). Also he's a trans catboy god bless.

The Water Cool~: Water Genasi who provides all the drinkable water in the company. She's Winzy's wife and gets jealous of people who try to steal HER man.

Wimiree Grassly: His wife left him for the CEO of a billion dollar startup. Cowabummer! Part of the jury for gardenias v. petaldive

"Naughty Baby Daddy": Was originally a self-proclaimed "Naughty Little Baby Daddy" because he was too busy working to spend time with his daughter, but Arial convinced him to just disown her instead.

"Kidney Stones": A former employee who Aglet convinced to quit because he wanted to see his wife and recover from the kidney stones he had in all 4 of his kidneys.

"Buisneyland": Guy who is really into business themed amusement parks and makes sure everyone knows it.

Mayo Chaize: Their name is actually May O'Chaize, but people like pronouncing their name like Mayonnaise on purpose so they just sign documents like that.

"Office Karen": A surveillance dept employee who's trying to save enough money to have her and her 7 husbands go to a Nonas Brothers concert. She's also Wimirie Grassly's ex wife.

Mogi Catcomber: Head of the surveillance department who went missing. Loves soup and always carries an orange cat thermos around. Part of the jury for gardenias v. petaldive

Senif Tendrice: Person arial accidentally swapped documents with at sanitary. also part of the audience for gardenias v. petaldive

Yard: Gardenia Homunculi Former head of Production who gained sentience two weeks ago, and leads the newly sentient gardenia homunculi. One of Taro's friends. Has a complicated relationship with Lemon.

"Lemon": Gardenia homunculi that was turning other golems into homunculi. Alric thinks this person is Lemon because they told him to tell Yard "Lemon is still out there" - which was actually in reference to his daughter who he doesn't know exists.

"Rectum": Key witness and alleged production employee in the Gardenia trial who claimed the Gardenias attacked her. Their face was completely covered in bandages and voice was too muffled to tell who they actually are. More on this later <3

The Bunny Therians: Group of anthropomorphic rabbit people who were living in the new Petaldive building Gardenia asked the T(aaa)skforce to clear out. They all moved to PDHQ because they wanted to live somewhere where they could lounge around as normal bunnies and never have to work again. They're now therapy bunnies so pd employees can just pet them or be pet by them.

Solor: The smallest bunny therian who was sent to escort the T(aaa)skforce in relocating the sacred radish. A wimp who always draws the shortest straw.

Scared Radish Baby: The baby of the former Sacred Radish who needed to be relocated to PDHQ so the bunny therians could move there. It refuses to be carried by ugly people. It thinks everyone in the t(aaa)skforce is fugly, but zack was alright, and Awoobin is the most beautiful ever.

The Bugle Boys: Group of bunny therians who wanted the sacred radish for themselves. They're also Gully's roommates????

Lilac's Cousins: 3 swan/duckling(?) triplets that were trying to extort the other kids at Petaldive Jr. Sen had to intervene...

Baby Sapphire Dragon: It got lost in the sanitary dept. so the t(aaa)skforce rescued it and returned it to NightmareWorks.

Professor Turnip: Snowsports instructor that got kidnapped by a bunch of Werebearboarmoose that the t(aaa)skforce had to rescue (the ski resort did not give refunds for snowsports lessons).

Mama JC/Zeke Kieller: Leader of the group of people staying at the ski resort that tried to kidnap the t(aaa)skforce for ransom after finding out Arial has rich parents.

Kink Patron: Detective trying to find Arial Cambria Serif and find out if she's doing ok :( He's been at it for years and has literally found nothing - Sans Serif probably forgot he was paying him in the first place tbh. Also one of the kidnappers

Meesechelle: One of the people trying to kidnap the t(aaa)skforce. Aglet helped her through panky so she was so betrayed afterwards.

Advil: The one person in the murder mystery/kidnapping attempt who was actually totally unrelated like he just holed up in his room the whole time.

Lunanne and Uncle Pank: They ran a roadside diner that the t(aaa)skforce ate at. It turns out she was serving them parts of Uncle Pank...and was going to serve them to her next set of customers.

Lord Baby Boy: Little crescent moon shaped guy who's an employee of NightmareWorks. The t(aaa)skforce returned the baby dragon to them.