.-'''-. ,---------.    ____     ________  ________  
  / _     \\          \ .'  __ `. |        ||        | 
 (`' )/`--' `--.  ,---'/   '  \  \|   .----'|   .----' 
(_ o _).       |   \   |___|  /  ||  _|____ |  _|____  
 (_,_). '.     :_ _:      _.-`   ||_( )_   ||_( )_   | 
.---.  \  :    (_I_)   .'   _    |(_ o._)__|(_ o._)__| 
\    `-'  |   (_(=)_)  |  _( )_  ||(_,_)    |(_,_)     
 \       /     (_I_)   \ (_ o _) /|   |     |   |      
  `-...-'      '---'    '.(_,_).' '---'     '---' 

Incoming interns are encouraged to meet peers outside of their department through our taskforce program, where three recruits are grouped with a current employee in order to take on multidisciplinary projects. The following interns, along with their supervisor, make up Petaldives newest t(aaa)skforce!

  • human fighter (she/her)
  • department: accounting
  • email: expertbreedingcaptain @c0.petaldive.com
  • favorite paper color: goldenrod
  • weapon: briefcase
  • tarot card: page of swords
  • character sheet

Valedictorian of her graduating class at Helvetica Courier University's School of Business. Recipient of many prestigious awards and accolades over her academic years. Former heir to the Serif Conglomerate. Prom Queen in her high school senior year as a result of pity voting after a freak bike accident. Arial is looking to hit the ground running at her first internship...which was totally legitimately earned on her own merit and nothing else by the way. Shedding the Serif name once and for all – after years of being associated with her father by peers and mentors alike, despite receiving no real benefit from him – she wants to finally make a name for herself at Petaldive. To quote from her valedictory address which, according to Arial, quotes an unnamed highly renowned businesswoman; "What doesn’t kill you makes a fighter."

  • tiefling warlock (he/him)
  • department: sales
  • email: danganronpa_roleplayer @c0.petaldive.com
  • favorite paper color: lavender
  • weapon: bluetooth phone
  • tarot card: 7 of swords
  • character sheet

In a world where technology and the arcane become more intertwined every day, there is a powerful warlock called Vesper who is looking to amass enough power to defeat his sworn enemy. Active on platforms like Patroneon and OnlyFiends, he is able to fulfill requests for various beings — usually consisting of starting cults or convincing others to form pacts with them — in exchange for magical abilities. When carrying out his end of the deal, he always dons a disguise — ensuring his actions are not tied to him. After his newest patron asks him to infiltrate Petaldive HQ, he assumes the identity of Alric Starbrand — An incoming intern entering the sales department — in order to investigate.

  • tiefling rogue (she/her)
  • department: customer service
  • email: anklescissorhead @c0.petaldive.com
  • favorite paper color: periwinkle
  • weapon: scissors
  • tarot card: 2 of swords
  • character sheet

Description coming soon OoooOooOooO she's so mysterious...

  • archfey + human(?) t(aaa)skforce supervisor (he/they)
  • department: hr
  • favorite paper color: teal
  • weapon: their ass is fat

The kind of guy who brings a big pot of spaghetti to the office party but then he drops it so you see him on the floor trying to pick up all the spaghetti and it's everywhere but he's still a little hot and it's not embarassing at all.

  • Winzy: loves his water cooler, affectionately named The Water Cool~
  • Taro: Formerly known as "Don't feel like it". Petaldive's only IT employee, usually goes along with Kon's antics bc they are besties. Uses paper shredders for fun?
  • Wimiree Grassly: His wife left him for the CEO of a billion dollar startup. Cowabummer!
  • "Naughty": Was originally a self-proclaimed "Naughty Little Baby Daddy" because he was too busy working to spend time with his daughter, but Arial convinced him to just disown her instead.
  • "Kidney Stones": A former employee who Aglet convinced to quit because he wanted to see his wife and recover from the kidney stones he had in all 4 of his kidneys.
  • "Buisneyland": Guy who is really into business themed amusement parks and makes sure everyone knows it.
  • Mayo Chaize: Their name is actually May O'Chaize, but people like pronouncing their name like Mayonnaise on purpose so they just sign documents like that.