• NAME: Dismas
  • RACE: half-elf but only bc i think the ears are cute sorry
  • CLASS: bard (maestro college probably)
  • AGE: ??? (adult)
  • PRONOUNS: he/him
  • GENDER: male (transman swag)
  • SEXUALITY: yk hes a lil fruity
  • HEIGHT: like 5'7 but he wears heels/platform boots so
  • WEAPON: his magical lute (electric guitar) he named boomerang (might change it to encore tho to be more Thematic)
  • BACKGROUND: entertainer (musician)

Dismas has black (teal-ish) hair, tanned skin, and hot pink/red eyes. He has a background in acrobatics so he's pretty toned i guess but he's not built or anything. He has a hooked nose u can't see it bc i draw fucking anime -_- but it's VERY important! Also he has pretty prominent eyelashes and thick eyebrows without makeup, so i think he'd have a lot of body hair in general. he probably shaves it though.

he also wears makeup pretty often he isnt rlly wearing any in this ref of him though ;~; but he likes wearing lipstick and eyeshadow and eyeliner and shit. i'm gonna be real with you guys i know very little about makeup. BUT when he has like makeup eyelashes theyre star-shaped (like in his icon in the previous page).

his "default" outfit is like some baggy pants, his turtleneck (it's actually a leotard + has a boob window bc he likes the slutty look /celebratory), his big metal armor boots(???), and his big mantle. The campaign he's in takes place in a cold/snowy region, so he needs those insulated layers. he loves wearing very flashy + extravagant outfits, but without hindering his dexterity because he likes to move around when he performs.

the clasp(?) for his mantle is like two spikes conected by a chain, his boots have spikes on it, and his earring is also a big spike. i just put spikes bc they looked cool, they were originally diamond shaped gems (like ghirahim lol), but <> is a religious symbol in the campaign he's in so he wouldnt be able to wear that shit LMAO.

he also has a star shaped guitar, think the random star that kasumi bandori has. but i don't really care if people draw it as a five-pointed star since that's easier tbh (it's not canon tho). i think the guitar is the same hot pink as his mantle.

He's very outgoing and loves being in the spotlight. Generally very friendly, but he'll lowkey ignore you if you don't pique his interest and he is pretty judgy lmao. He can be a bit of a needler, he's like a snooty/smug animal crossing villager. He has a LOT of self confidence and he also projects that confidence onto the people he cares about, so basically he gasses up his friends a lot.

He has a lot of pride in his music and how he carries himself. He is NOT a perfectionist though bc his whole thing is that he's an improvisational musician. So he's not scared of failure, but he does care a lot about how he recovers from it if that makes sense.

he doesn't care if people love or hate him as long as it's for who he is, but people who are indifferent about him make him want to [faint on a chaise lounge]. He's also a very adaptable person, so he doesn't let setbacks get in the way of his plans.

tl;dr hes a leo sun taurus moon if you know astrology u know him better than i can explain it <3

He is an amnesiac who woke up with a magic soul-bonded guitar and a dream to be the most famous musician in the world. He has no need to find out who he used to be, because he knows who he is now and will make sure everyone else knows too. He's very particular about how he presents himself to others for that reason.

He wants to find more musicians he vibes with, and maybe start a band, but so far no one's music has drawn his interest. He's kind of a pretentious music nerd about it, but also knows the power that fan favorite songs have on his audience so he has to make do with playing Medieval Top 100 Hits that get a little funky.

As far as the campaign he's currently in has gone, he's pretending(?) to be a foreigner because he doesn't have any form of identification and when [THE CHURCH GOVERNMENT] looked into it, they didn't find any record of him existing. But it's fine because they said if he works for them they'll make him a citizen. Anyway, he doesn't really mind as long as no one finds out about his amnesia/who he used to be, so he's aiming to get hired into the [CHURCH SPONSORED CIRCUS] that is being formed to appease/distract the masses. He's honestly not really familiar with [THE CHURCH] or their motives but he's just gonna stay in his lane tbh. Regardless, he sees the traveling circus as a great way to get his name out there and find more cool musicians.

REYNAULD: He heard Reynauld sing ONCE and now he's determined to hear it again. He's hoping he can find a new music buddy in him, since he's not a fan of most of the musicians he's met.

BO: He thinks Bo's poetry is the real deal, even if it's [STUPID, EMO, GAY]. His evil plan is to get Bo more into music, even if its not his #1 bard thing.

MORGRIM: Thinks his acrobatics/interpretive dance routines are very impressive. Also he needs to be more confident in himself!

VALENTINA: Thinks her acrobatics/interpretive dance routines are very impressive. Also she knows how to party.

  • characters he's loosely based off of: the first 3 were for his character concept and the others i found down the line
    • mettaton (undertale): how i be looking w he/him pronouns in my bio. he used to not look like mettaton as much but then i stopped caring about trying not to copy shit and went with design choices i was genuinely happy with.
    • ghirahim (loz: skyward sword): dismas is like this guy but without the murderous tendencies
    • joseph joestar (jjba): dismas was originally supposed to be real smart and shit but i realized playing that sort of character isn't very fun for me, but he is still heavily influenced by jjba in general
    • sylvando/sylvia (dq11): i had always intended for dismas' personality to be like sylvando's but i couldn't find the right inspo for it until i played dq11
    • ringabel (bravely default): amnesiac casanova babey. also i used his baggy pants as reference
    • carmilla (castlevania judgement): stole her shoes tbh
  • basically my concept for dismas was that i wanted to make a character that was like flamboyant and feminine but was still respected and treated like a guy and shit. nothing new i just love campy bitches and want more transmasc ones <3
  • he's named after the highwayman from darkest dungeon! (who's named after the penitent thief from the bible lmao). it doesnt really have to do with his character (yet?) but hes matching with reynauld (who's named after the crusader from darkest dungeon)
  • he does sing, i think he's got a similar type of voice as like the lead singer for BRADIO or like danny elfman. idk how to explain but u get the idea
  • i have a spotify playlist for him! it isn't super cohesive in terms of genre but it's still songs i associate with him :]