• NAME: Mangus Agnus
    • NICKNAME: Manny (he has a bunch of other ones though)
  • RACE: tiefling
  • CLASS: wizard/warlock
  • AGE: 23
  • PRONOUNS: any
  • GENDER: transfag
  • SEXUALITY: other transfags
  • HEIGHT: like 5'6 (5'10 with the horns)
  • WEAPON: spellbook/grimoire
  • HOBBIES: adventuring, cooking, drawing
  • SKILLS: making fireworks/explosives, dungeon crawling, arcana, card games

Manny has magenta skin and pale greenish blondish hair (like the color of yellow mildliners). I like to use purple to shade his skin and teal to shade his hair. He has dark colored scleras (not black) and light reflective pupils. I used to make his eyes gray but I made them match his horns to condense the color palette LMAO. He has a long tail with a heart shaped tip and a pair of horns that curl back and up, and both of them are dark blue purple. His tail has a gradient that starts from his skin color and ends with the horn color.

Their hair is pretty messy, and the left side of their hair is flatter than their right. if you've seen agn├Ęs from bravely default, it's kinda like that but shorter and messier. honestly i made their hair look kinda weird in the fullbody ref, but the trivia section has a better example of how it looks.

Also they have some fish-like features because the devil he's "related" to looks like ba'al goldie from bravely default. They have fin-like ears, spiky shark teeth, and their skin is a little iridescent/scaly. It doesn't give them any water-related abilities though.

also sometimes manny's tail emits sparks, so it's like if the end of their tail was a sparkler.



  • i made the assets on this page for a video game for class lmao, i figured i might as well make manny a proper wiki page since i already had art made
  • here's the rest of the assets since they're the only refs i have of manny LMAO
  • his ref outfit is based off of the war magus from etrian odyssey
  • the reason why manny's page isn't as eyeburny as alric's is because his ref art was a video game asset and i didn't want to burn my classmate's eyeballs off lmao but i still tried making him as brightly colored as possible
  • also i cell shaded for once bc i had to get the fullbody art done faster than i usually draw (i made some for kon and thyme too)
  • his name is a portmanteau of mango and magus