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Welcome to my Ribbit King shrine! This page talks about what the game is about, my experience with the game, some Ribbit King goodies, and resources.

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Ribbit King (known as Kero Kero King DX in Japan) is a 2003 sports video game developed by Infinity and Jamsworks and published by Bandai for the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2. The game is based on the fictional sport of Frolf (ケロフ), which is a golf-like game that is played with frogs. The frogs sit on catapults, which the player whacks with a hammer to send the frog flying into the air. It is the successor to Kero Kero King, released only in Japan in 2000 for the PlayStation.

The main character of Ribbit King is a young carpenter named Scooter. Scooter is trying to become the Frolf Champion—or the namesake 'Ribbit King'—and in doing so win the 'Super Ribbinite', a fuel source his planet needs in order to survive.

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My Experience

So I found out about Ribbit King because my childhood best friend had a game cube and the game at her house, and we would play it together. We weren't that good at it and we probably played the v.s. mode of the game more than the story mode, but I found the art and music of the game really memorable even without knowing much of the story.

I was sadly never able to get a copy of it when I eventually got my own gamecube during high school because the game was super expensive, apparently Game Grumps played the game in 2013 and popularized it. I was lucky that my boyfriend got me a PS2 copy of Ribbit King Plus! (which came with 28 short videos about the characters that you unlock while playing the game) for my birthday a year or two ago, and eventually one of my friends who has a PS2 let us play it. I ended up getting both of them into it, and we beat the game together for my birthday this year! We plan on playing the post game soon.

The characters have alternate outfits as you challenge them throughout the game, and since Princess Tippi–my favorite character–had a drastic change in her outfits, I thought that they were different people. It didn't help that my friends and I would call her blue outfit Tippi and her pink one Pippi (for Pink Tippi, but we definitely thought it was funny that it sounded like "peepee" lol). She's still my favorite character because I love characters with ocean related designs and she wears a talking fish hat! I also think that she really needs a power nap.

These are my favorite songs in the game's soundtrack!

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Official Art

Greeting Cards

Promo Wallpaper

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Ribbit King Walkthrough - This walkthrough explains a lot of features in the game that make it way easier to play! You literally can't find some of this info anywhere else and I wish I knew about it before my friends and I beat the game.

RIbbit King OST - Listen to it right now the music is so cute.

KeroKero King Super DX Website - Where I got the character sprites and official art! You'll need Ruffle to view it on the Wayback Machine, but it's really cute (it's only in JP though).

Moby Games / Playstation Data Center / Giant Bomb / Steam Grid DB - Databases with official art, screenshots, assets, game info, etc.

The Models Resource - They have a 3D model of Scooter on here!

Wikipedia - Ribbit King - Used this for the about section.