i got really into tamagotchis and other odd-pets the past few months, because i made a little tamagotchi clone in unity back in march and that got me thinking about actually playing them. i never had them growing up so now that i have disposable income i'm really on that "healing my inner child" shit

click on the pics for more info about the v-pet and my personal experiences with playing it! these aren't all of the ones i have, but i plan on adding the rest soon


the angelscope is a fortune telling v-pet where you take care of an angel. the "care" is very simple, you just have to respond to its calls (it'll beep and show a beating heart onscreen) to keep it happy. failure to do so will show a broken heart onscreen, and it'll eventually get so unhappy it dies.

it gives 1 daily fortune and tarot card readings whenever you want, i love tarot cards so i thought this was super cute! there's also a docking feature which can give compatibility fortunes between two players and their angelscopes, and a baby fotune if the players are opposite sexes. i'm gonna try it out with my bf since i have two, but i don't know what happens if people of the same sex try it lol

when i got my angelscope i actually ended up buying 4 of them for super cheap, which was a good call bc 2/4 of those had super busted circuit boards. the other two just needed to get the battery corrosion cleaned off and they were good to go!

something that was interesting to me is that almost all of the text in this game is in katakana, so it's not intuitive to read at all but makes for good practice i guess

mine looks sad in this pic because i had set it up the night before and slept through it's second call ever, rest assured i had it on max happiness after this!


this is probably my fav v-pet that i have rn, i've been running it since i got it! the care is very easy, it's just to meet your daily step goal. it gives me a good incentive to pace around my house instead of just laying down, but i want to go on more walks eventually. i'm so obsessed with the green/purple color combo as well.

the type of gel-kun it grows up into is dependent on how often you meet your step goal, with angel type characters representing good care, beat type characters representing ok care, and gel type characters representing bad care. i think the gel ones are so cute though!

my second run isn't doing so well because the clip snapped from me using it too much, i'm gonna try to superglue it together because i haven't been wearing it as often, even if i'm walking around the house. right now i have it on a tiny ball chain and then attached to the clip/keychain thing meant for the teku teku angel pocket, but i want to look into getting a keychain meant for the due since the one for the pocket is a temporary solution (i don't have a teku teku angel pocket but it works great for my tamas!)

i got my bf the clear teku teku angel with blue buttons so he could walk more too! his is the older version though, i want to try running one of those too eventually.


the angelgotchi is definitely the most easy-breezy tama i have. the only issue i have with mine is the motion sensor doesn't seem to work? so it can't gain "good deed" points from strolls ;~;

i love how easy the minigame is! i prefer skill based ones to the 50/50 pseudo random guessing games.

after my first run it got a row of dead pixels like halfway through. it's probably just something dislodged inside, but i'm too lazy to open it up tbh

i lowkey wish i got a blue/silver shell angelgotchi because that color is my favorite, but i got this one for $8 and didn't wanna pay more than $10 LMAO

idk how i feel about the pink (brown) i understand the importance of picking a shell you like


the umi no tamagotchi is definitely my favorite tama! i love the ocean theme and think all the tama designs are so cute. it's notoriously one of the hardest vintage tamas to care for bc they have to deal with two types of predators, one during the minigame and the other around once every hour/2 hours.

there's a chance when warning the tama that it won't be able to avoid the polar bear, and on top of that theres a chance that polar bear attacks can just one hit kill the tama even with good care (this is how mine died). it's also an achievement just to have your tama reach adulthood, this was also by design. i guess bandai was trying to show how unforgiving it can be for sea life, but it's ok i like the challenge lol

the only time i got mine to adulthood, i got a kaitchi (the clam tama)! i love it so much. unfortunately i couldn't get ningyotchi (secret/mermaid tama) after bc it was attacked by a polar bear while i was eating ;~;


this is a pedometer v-pet where you can feed and play with a dragon quest slime! as you walk around irl, it'll explore the in-game map, and feeding it food from different terrains will make it evolve! there are also secret dungeons on the map.

the dragon quest arukun desu is one of my other fav v-pets! it's much easier to take care of than a regular tamagotchi, and has the pedometer focus of the teku teku angel! it's really fun to explore the different map terrains and evolve my slime (although i always get sea slime because it's my favorite lol)

i've only made it to a dungeon once, but it died before i could clear it. (i got sick and couldn't walk as much bc i was in bed for a few days). i hope i can do it on my next run!


this is the second version of the dragon quest arukun desu! it has a new map, new slimes, an easier minigame, new animations, and you can save items for later (instead of either using immediately or discarding like the first version)!

i got this one for super cheap and didn't realize that it was a v2 so i was happily surprised! the seller included this strap and i thought it was super cool. unfortunately the pedometer part of this one is broken, so i can only use the feeding/playing features on it, but walking is required to evolve it ;~; so it'll never grow up.

it looked fine when i opened it up, i can't tell what causes it to not read any steps from the little hammer thing inside. if anyones familiar with this kind of issue please reach out to me bc i couldn't find anything for how to fix it.


this is the original version of the teku teku angel! i got this one for my bf, because i hadn't realized at the time that the due version was so different. i really like the colors for this one, but i feel like the slot game is harder. i also noticed that the lowest step goal you can set on this one is 3000, while the due's lowest step goal is 1000.


This is another fortune telling v-pet! You play a slot machine mini-game to unlock more angel and devil characters. the only "care" psrt of this game is stopping micalun (the angel) and devitan (the devil) from fighting with each other, failing to do so can kill of an angel or devil character. they also give daily fortunes!

i've only been playing this one for a day so i only have a devil named flamey and a pig named buhiel, flamey is one of my favorite devils! i think the animations in this game are so cute, it's definitely similar to the angelscope but this one has more to do imo. also i'm so happy i found one of the iridescent shell colors! the iridescent blue is my favorite though


i got this one for my bf since he got me into dragon quest! the auction for this one was a little crazy but i still got it at a really good price. unfortunately this one randomly gets scanlines and then resets itself, so it doesn't really work ;~;


i got this one because i love the color! it seems to work but the capacitor is busted and i don't have a solder to fix it but i hope i'm able to one day for now it's just a cute keychain i used for my outfits lol


this was the tama that started my collection! i got it to reward myself for making a little tamagotchi game demo for a video game programming class i took last year. honestly i focused more on the art than the actual game's functionality, but i'll share that some other time.

honestly, this one is my least favorite to run because the minigame is up to chance, although the umi's mini game is the same but harder it looks cuter so i still prefer that one. also it's super needy so i've only ever gotten the bad care tamas ;; (i love them though)


a lot of the resources in cinni's virtual pets shrine helped me get started!