Electrical Entertainment: Neon - Nights Journey of Dreams

  • NAME: Arial Cambria New Roman
  • RACE: Worthless Creature (Human)
  • CLASS: Fighter (Unfailing)
  • AGE: 22
  • PRONOUNS: She/Her
  • GENDER: The W in Woman stands for WE'RE HERE TO WIN, BITCH
  • HEIGHT: 5'2
  • WEAPON: Briefcase (Currently a Bucci Briefcase)
  • DEPARTMENT: Accounting
  • FAV FOODS: "Anything with meat in it except those disgusting steakhouse ribs. What is the attraction?", Carbonara <3
  • HOBBIES: N/A <3

Look like an IG model, walk with a waddle, body shaped like a coke bottle, pussy stay on full throttle, bitches love when I swallow- Okay I'm done. Arial's ambigously brown and shredded. When her hair is down, it goes a little bit past her shoulder. Basically, if you broke her down into shapes everything would be pretty rectangular? Does that even make sense? Whatever <3 She wears a goldenrod shirt, Macy's deepest darkest Midnight Blue tie and pants (it's basically black at this point), and brown Lace-up Business Shoes. Other than her work clothes, she likes wearing cropped shirts, anything that's considered "athleisure wear" (sweatpants, hoodies, windbreakers, quarter zip-up jackets, etc.), and business casual. Outside of work, she usually keeps her hair up in a ponytail rather than the tight bun.

Arial's no stranger to grunt work so... I guess everything that the Taaaskforce does isn't anything new to her. Except maybe all the stuff about devils and half-animal people with huge tits (one of which is a devil. we love a 2-in-1 deal!) and...... yeah <3 She really enjoys the people there in her inner circle (see Relationships) but she withholds a lot from most of them (even though there's like 3 people who probably know everything but just don't say shit... see Relationships!) and doesn't explicitly talk about anything regarding her life outside of Petaldive other than the occasional gloat about her AwaRdS and AcCoLaDes and FeAtS... plus the occasional dreamy sigh about Biscoff and Meringue. Arial doesn't know what's next after Petaldive. She doesn't plan on working there for the rest of her life but what else can she do really? Go back to the Serifs? Start her own business that she totally knows everything about (lie)? Wouldn't you like to know! Nosy ass!

I left this tab blank for now in case one of you actually uncollapsed it LMAO <3 I don't really know how to unpack all that plus I did Thanos Snap bigger parts of the Arial Lore... We will learn Together <3

AGLET: At first Arial thought Aglet was a little weird because a) Aglet was like that and b) Aglet followed her into the restroom and talked to her from another stall while taking her monster shit. After getting to know her a little more, Arial is so down bad for Aglet it's not even funny <3... Arial would do anything for her if Aglet asked which is sooo embarassing to say about someone she's only know for like a little over 1 month now... I don't know she's just growing on her a lot...! Aglet is the first person that Arial has talked to about being related to Lilac and Sans UGH that shit was wild <3 <3 <3

ALRIC: Arial thought Alric was really dumb and now she thinks he's really gay. She was right. Arial also thought they had this silent "I won't ask if you don't" agreement over their issues. She was wrong. Still though, Arial feels close to Alric and has protected him in fights whenever she could. I- IT'S NOT LIKE SHE CARES OR ANYTHING! BAKA ALRIC...! She's having trouble being honest whenever he asks her directly about stuff that clearly bothers her like her dad, but she does think that Alric is trustworthy enough to know. The hard part is letting people know. Also she likes making bets with him and beating his ass in sparring no matter how ugly it looks god bless.

KON: Similarly to how Arial feels about Gardenia but significantly less, Arial feels a little weird about how much Kon supposedly? maybe? may not? may know about her? She brushes it off well with him because of how much she likes Kon though LOVE FOREVERR. They've helped Arial when she didn't know what throuples were <3. They're just one of those people you wish you could be closer to but haven't really had the chance except she did and almost got blown up god bless <3

TARO: <3 AWOOGA! AWOOOOGA! HUMMINA HUMMINA! WOAAHHH MAMA! Arial thinks that they're probably a really weird pair to Normal People. She doesn't care. That's hers and she's gonna stand by him... I think Taro helps Arial feel more comfortable being a little silly while relaxing and they do yoga together I just know it I KNOW IT I KNOW IT I KN

THYME: They've literally saved her life. Which I think left a really good impression on Arial about Thyme and Paradiso's goods and services in general. She wants to buy their shit so bad but she will go so broke it's not even funny. Arial still feels a sort of loyalty to Biscoff when it comes to asking about getting rid of things but she still recognizes Thyme is trustworthy AND IS SOOO BUSINESS THAT IS SOOO COOL... Also she thinks it's so cool that she can rely on him to help forge shit it reminds her of someone idk... silly temptresses unite <3 Um also Thyme ALSO knows things about her but Arial knows that Thyme isn't a fucking snitch so no worries GOD BLESS <3

ARISA: Petaldive is such a funny company where you don't know your boss is your boss even though you've spoken to them multiple times over email and in person. Which is what's happening with Arial and Arisa. I think. I don't know at this point I should roll for it again but I think it'd be funny if she just still doesn't know. Anyway Arial thinks that she could learn so much from Arisa but she doesn't know how to make herself look like she's a Worthy Pupil so she's just hoping that she'll stand out with her performance rather than crying and sobbing and begging to be taught. Arial is Arisa's #1 Apologist when the Taaaskforce is talking about her.

PEEBY: Arial sees Peeby girlboss training with Arisa and is like That should be me. That should be me. Nepotism strikes again. But she doesn't resent Peeby they're just a babyyy. She's not about to fuck around and find out with a baby who could livestream everything she's done in Petaldive to anyone whenever they want. Peeby is also so cute omggg!! <3

GARDENIA: Arial is lowkey scared of Gardenia (and higher authority figures in general) and the amount of information she holds. She makes it a point to sort of kiss her ass but in reality it comes naturally anyways because Gardenia's just so nice and cool as a boss. But every now and then when they're talking business, Arial feels like she's playing a silly game of chicken that she's losing <3

GARTER: Garter is like Arial's sugar daddy except the sugar is blood and Garter isn't even the one who gave the blood Arial sold? They have a complicated relationship where Arial is like "GRRRBARKBARK BARK GRRR GET AWAY WENCH" in private and Garter is like "ahaha you're so funnyyy" They're the two mfs who people would rarepair ship enemies to friends with benefits to lovers and have people coming on their feed saying it's toxic if Petaldive were a thing with a fandom and I think that's beautiful <3

SANS SERIF: This. Is the Nastiest Skank. WHORE. That I Have Ever. Met. Do not. Trust. Him. He is a. FUGLY. slut. Arial doesn't want to see this man but she's actually not very bitter. She thinks she's being the bigger person by trying to not give a shit but she'd probably still give up a lot to be where she used to be with him and Lucida. Is what she has as of right now in Petaldive good enough for her? Seeing him makes her think. Arial doesn't like thinking.

LILAC SERIF SWAN: Arial is growing to like this little duck so much it's so bad. Like Lilac is so smart and so business it's the cutest shit she's ever seen.

LUCIDA: "Yeah I love my mom. Yeah I don't tell her what's going on in my life because she has enough to worry about already. We exist."

COMIC: Not too fond of gay people <3

  • Characters that inspired Arial's looks (derogatory); Roland (Library of Ruina), Kotaro (Zombieland Saga), and Reigen Arataka (EWWWWWW). Like I literally pulled up pictures of them while designing Arial and tried to just pick and choose physical traits from each.
  • I had this super specific vision picking Arial and Sans's primary colors relative to each other so like Arial wears goldenrod/yellow and Sans wears brown/beige to kinda... EmUlaTe gold and... tarnished? gold? I don't know that's just what was going through my head... Lucida and Comic's matching red stuff is less well-thought out I just wanted them to match <3
  • Session 0 Arial... did not fucking exist LMAO <3 RIP to Knobber and Yeri I hope their marriage is better in this reality god bless!
  • Arial's original concepts include a super pathetic failing artist who's tired all the time, can't draw for shit, and is just there to Live... to a super pathetic reporter who's trying to get information about What is the attraction? What keeps us fascinated? Petaldistorian... to a pathetic wannabe entreprenuer who's just at Petaldive to learn how to make her own company (which she hasn't started yet) better and get some business clout which is pretty close to what she is now but like really far to the right <3. The point was to make the most terrible normal human person ever just like Reigen Arataka (EWWWWWW)
  • Arial has a butterfly charm that goes on her briefcase I've just decided this. It's a gift from Biscoff and Meringue to match the bee-flower thing they have going on HEART EMOJIIIIIII
  • Took this quiz as Arial and got love as hunger LMAO NO BITCHES!! Go get 'em tiger!