• NAME: Chrysanthemum Agnus
  • ALIASES: Anthe, Memories of a Summer Festival
  • RACE: Devil
  • TITLE: Count of Summer Celebrations
  • AGE: Around 100 but hes immortal
  • PRONOUNS: any <3
  • GENDER: a wifegirl. a male. your everything.
  • HEIGHT: 6' without the horns (6'4 with ahaha)
  • WEAPON: idk he can turn into a huge fish monster
  • JOB: he's the founder of a fireworks business but he's since retired. he still does like small fireworks show commissions for fun sometimes
  • FAV FOODS: Pop rocks, cold refreshing drinks (like lemonade, soda, or iced tea)
  • HOBBIES: making fireworks, trying new things, comsuming any media from the mortal plane (especially if its shitty)

he IS the devil alric looks like omg crazy. this is how he looked in his tiefling disguise at the time he first went to the mortal plane (which was mid 1910's). he normally appears to people as a tiefling because his humanoid devil appearance is still pretty out there, and his true form is so fish monster. he has neon pink skin and blue hair that's swept back and pulled into a braid. it's not a rattail braid but it's kinda like how aether genshin impact's hair is layered if i had to compare it to another character. he wearing a purple 1910's (ish) style suit and it's all iridescent and shiny bc he loves gaudy shit. also his eyes reflect light he's got disco ball eyes. he currently looks like an old man because he wants to grow old w his husband <3 i haven't drawn it yet but know that he's serving dracula castlevania swag.

he's a devil who's powers are related to any kind of summer celebration so like any types of festivals/fairs/carnivals and anything summer break would be like. His thing. he's stronger during the summer bc of that so he'd love petaldive (since it's summer court domain, which means its always summer). he has an affinity for both fire and water since his devil form is like a monster version of the goldfish you win at the fair.

his parent is the marquise of anniversaries and his siblings are all related to other seasonal celebrations. he is the second strongest bc that is the power of summer break, but also that's a fairly new concept in this universe so he was initially one of the weakest siblings. none of them care about each other very much. i say parent/sibling in loose terms bc devils don't have kids like that, and can be related but aren't always. parents usually denote who devils work under (closer to a boss), and siblings are devils in the same cohort.

he hated living in hell and was always kind of a slacker, which he could get away with as a low ranking devil but his "family" gave him shit for it so it still sucked. when he was around 19 he took the first chance he could to get to the mortal plane (which was like a mortal haunting service through some temp agency lol) because it sounded fun, and then got stuck due to a job mishap. the job mishap being he was assigned to haunt durayin who is like virtually impossible to scare he's seen it all (except he literally hasn't bc he's also 19 but with how chill he is he might as well have).

they were stuck together for an indeterminate amount of time but they genuinely enjoyed each other's company. they had their epic many years long traveling love story in which anthe realized he was happier in the mortal plane than he ever was in hell. they were also able to break the seal that was like making anthe "haunt" durayin which was awesome bc it meant they could stay together by choice. chrysanthemum wanted to have a family and grow old with durayin (both of which are kind of impossible) but they make it work. since they couldn't have kids they made a pact that would have all of durayins descendants be tieflings and look like both of them woohoo! durayin still helps anthe hide that hes a devil, and the only people who know are their family members (kids, grandkids, great grandkids) AND THYME AND KON I GUESS...

eventually he was found many decades later (while he was with so that definitely fucked shit up. they lied saying alric was his son so that no one else in their family would get exposed but then his "family" was like Ok both of you come back then. they're both trying to figure out a way out of that but since devils are immortal that whole ordeal is going at a snails pace. they have plenty of time to figure it out. it's not like any devils know where either of them live anyway so they'll be ok lol

ALRIC: he's his grandson on the mortal plane but also his son in hell which is complicated to explain but. he loves him very much and is very proud of him whenever alric does anything he's like That's so nice son :). he blames himself over alric getting caught up in the chain (devil hierarchy system) so he made sure alric was as knowledgeable about it (and devils in general) as possible while homeschooling him. alric also did his pyrotechnician apprenticeship under him and it went very well but they both like to experiment with what they make which is kinda bad when ur messing with explosives so alrics parents were like "yeah manny shouldnt handle manufacturing any fireworks that are for sale until he chills tf out peace and love". he named alric meteoro as his ~devil name~ but hopes that he waits a very long time before accepting his title/powers (or better yet, finds a way to never become a devil at all). he calls him sparkler. also he tends to enable alric, but he just wants to make sure he's having fun and not working harder than he has to lol.

BANI: she's his granddaughter and he loves her so much. bani likes to watch stuff while she's working, so they like to get into the same media so they can talk about it.

DURAYIN: husband of like 70 smth years and best friend they are so in love. he's the person he trusts the most in the whole universe. he likes hearing about all of durayin's evil plans and schemes and is either woooow thats sooo cool ahaha *twirls hair* or that sounds like fun let's do it!!!!! he likes that durayin always stays chill, even in super high stakes situations (which they both tend to get themselves into). one day i'll make their spinoff prequel

KON: he's ayin's (AND ALSO ALRIC'S???) friend :)

ZACK: anthe met zack while he was trying to get help for his Condition from durayin and he was like omg u dont have a family? *adopts you*

  • he's named after chrysanthemum fireworks <3
  • my bf (and our dm) picked his name and i didnt know it for a couple months so his placeholder name was grandpa fungus. another placeholder was goldie bc thats durayin's nickname for him but it just doesn't have that same ring to it
  • his devil form and like character concept in general is based off of ba'al goldie: memories of a summer festival from bravely default
  • he canonically likes fnaf bc capitalism speedrun means that game was made sooner. ngl he acts like glamcawk freddy
  • he got love as a choice on this quiz which is so fucking cool of him imo
  • the song thats playing is gulpo's boss theme from nights into dreams hes a big fish monster and the song bangs so i thought it fit
  • his hairstyle is based off of princess hoya's from i'm stanning the prince i haven't read it but i think shes so fine
  • personality wise hes like elizabeth from persona 3 and glamrock freddy lmfao
  • he is a type 7 (enneagram) for sure idk what wing tho