• NICKNAMES: Aggie, Aggle
  • RACE: half tiefling half fawn
  • CLASS: rogue (inquisitive) (nosy as hell)
  • AGE+BDAY: 23 + she's a may gemini
  • GENDER: transfem and butch <3
  • PRONOUNS: she/her
  • SEXUALITY: lesbian <3
  • HEIGHT: 6'3 (7'3 with the antlers };])
  • WEAPON: scissors
  • DEPARTMENT: customer service
  • FAV FOODS: mushrooms (mushroom soups <3) and most greens. she's mostly pescetarian too so she really likes seafood (particularly shellfish!)
  • LEAST FAV FOODS: not too fond of chicken (she likes eggs but she doesn't like the texture of chicken)
  • HOBBIES: multimedia arts! mostly illustration and ceramics (for now)

OMG How tall are you? 7'3 with the antlers? You're sooo funnyyy <3~ Aglet's periwinkle and super tall. She's a bit lanky, but has pretty toned legs. Both her eyes are burgundy. She has a prosthetic right eye that displays various emotes, depending on how she's feeling. Her hair's a dark blurple color (but not the kind of blurple that's used to substitute for black though it's Noticeably Blurple) and she tends to keep it in a braid (as the campaign goes on she switches from keeping the braid on her shoulder to behind her back.) Her hair is naturally wavier, but she sometimes straightens it for work. When it's down, it goes down past the shoulders idk exactly where. Also she has a side shave on her right, continues into an undercut. There's a scar across the bridge of her nose and a few similar, smaller ones around her ankles and arms.She has a more oval-shaped face. She has a deer tail that's the same color as her hair. Her antlers are a very light pink (she's so trans flag colors!)

She usually just wears a white button-up (with a few buttons off), a tie (that isn't tied properly, or at all), khakis or dark blue pants, and black dress shoes to work. She also hangs a pair of scissors on each of her antlers (Sometimes there's a third pair of small sewing scissors too.) Outside of work, she dresses pretty loosely and plainly. She's still figuring out her style (since she started off as a blank slate coming into Petaldive), but she finds herself enjoying accessorizing and dressing up handsomely <3

Aglet is very emotive. She's been really easy to read even before getting her prosthetic eye. Whenever she's idle, she has a tendency to fidget. This becomes even more noticeable after the 5th week at Petaldive. From that point on, she's very bouncy whenever she's idle, and always seems to be dancing a bit to some songs she has stuck in her head.

art: 1. regular work outfit; 2. ballroom outfit; 3. pjs

Imagine doing research on potential employees and seeing that one of them has connections to this company that you're trying to deal with, and you reach out to them and hire them, and then when they come in to the building they're this weirdo that's like... Reintegrating into society. Also they don't actually know shit about the company they were supposed to have connections to. ALSO also they've never worked an office job in their life. That was Kon hiring Aglet.

to aglet, this was her first job ever!!! receiving an offer to work at such a huge company was one of the last things she could've expected, but she didn't hesitate to accept it! she was super excited and super nervous to work at Petaldive and even showed up to her first day 2 hours early! Her enthusiasm was definitely offputting to her two coworkers, but she didn't really have any self awareness until a few days of working at Petaldive. She didn't really have any sorts of expectations for this job (let alone office jobs in general) so she came to work somewhat ready for combat and was generally pretty okay with the different shit the Taaaskforce got thrown into.

That being said, despite having literally 0 expectations for how this job would go, some weird shit happens during her time at Petaldive!!! She gets so freaked out that she reintegrates back into society on her first week of work! And then she started experiencing migraine-inducing flashbacks as a result of the specialized assignments the T(aaa)skforce receives?!?!?! Although she tries to keep a mostly positive demeanor in the face of everything that happens at work, you can very clearly See her getting more and more freaked out as more time passes. Her mental darkness is pretty low so she tends to get way more fucked up by a lot of the shit that happens at work than her coworkers (especially when it causes her to Remember)

She really doesn't know what she plans on doing after Petaldive, or what to do about all the issues from her past very rapidly catching up to her, but she knows one thing for certain: She's holding on to any sort of resemblance of a normal life that she can have in this Fucking Job. Which is. Well. She knows what she wants I guess! Her wanting to feel Normal and Like a Person makes the actual Office Job part of Petaldive a lot more bearable for her. Honestly that also makes it super easy for her to get attached to the people she's met while working here. Like it's only been a month but her coworkers are like her best friends forever in their Lesbian Centric Semi Platonic Throuple. These people are the first friends she's ever made in recent years and they're all so wack but she loves them so bad. She does NOT want to give up what she has here and she ESPECIALLY doesn't want to go back to whatever the hell was happening earlier in her life. Peace and love.

  • ALRIC: At first Aglet was super polite to him bc she didn't really know how to get close to him but then she saw him being a sounds of loud truck passing by and then she started tearing him a new butthole. They started really hitting it off because they're both so nosy and mlm/wlw. They basically became each others' hot goss morning papers where they rag on each other for being fruits. For a bit their friendship's rlly chill! Aglet got into art bc of Alric and shares a lot of her new interest with him whenever she can. She also likes to watch him cook bc hes so housewife and she wants to be good at that (she is ass and balls at cooking.) Once Aglet started getting Migraine-Inducing-Buisney-Flashbacks things started to change pretty significantly for her and Alric. Like. Uncovering and talking about her earlier life gives her literal psychic damage, but she's so afraid of being distant from people that she cares about because of Not being able to talk about her shit yk? And Alric ended up being the first person she was actually able to communicate that with. Part of why it was easier for her to confide in him is because she KNOWS there's just so much shit going on in his life that he would probably be less weirded out by whatever she has going on and she was kinda right. Whenever they confide in each other they honestly don't fully Get what the other was talking about but they always help each other feel at least a little bit better. Aglet's insistence on not prying about Alric's PERSONAL personal issues and just not understanding the way Alric explains things sometimes makes it very hard for her to fully understand whatever the hell is going on in his life but she appreciates that he's able to trust her bc of how much he's there for her. Someday they'll be able to understand each other better but like way later god bless.
    tl;dr He is a fugly slut he is my best friend <3

  • ARIAL: Aglet is so down bad for Arial she needs to be lobotomized. Like she her feelings about Arial went from just being excited about meeting her first coworker and potential friend ever to "I Want To Be Good To You Please Let Me Be Good To You I Love You So Much" in the span of... literally under a month it's fucking embarrassing.

  • TARO: Hiiiiiiii~ hiiiiii taroooo hiiiii <3 <3 <3 Taro's the height of butchness and when Aglet carried him around and looked after him it totally awakened something in her (ahhh so butch4butch) Like something about him awakens the trophy butch-boytoy part of her that was raised to serve her guy-wife and make his plate every night, wash her work clothes for her, make sure she's up for work the next evening, always have a clean hole for him to come home to, etc... He's like everything she wants to be and everything she Wants (homosexually) Taro makes Aglet so giddy like butch guys who say Kyaa >///<;; it's so embarrassing how happy she gets Listening to his interests she loves being included in them so much and she goes from Talks a lot to Listens so fast.

  • KON: one time Aglet killed murdered someone on the job and she was super fucked up about it and decided to open up to kon and he was like "It's okay I've been there" and like respectfully she's not over that. This experience does not change the fact that she trusts him a lot and overall enjoys having him as the head of her taskforce but MY BROTHER IN CHRIST!

  • THYME: Aglet admittedly doesn't really know thyme too well outside of Alric being a construction noises and enthusiastically Buying Their Wares but she totally respects him. They saved Arial's life once in front of her eyes and also performed surgery on the whole T(aaa)skforce, which left a really good impression on her. She's really grateful for everything they've done for the t(aaa)skforce (and more recently, her and Awoobin.) Basically she trusts Thyme with her life but also every time Aglet learns something about them the vine boom sound rings in her head

  • AWOOBIN: DOGGY!!! THE BEAUTIFULEST BESTEST DOGGY EVER She loves them so much. She's a little pathetic but Awoobin is the most beautiful forest doggy dire wolf ever and she WILL be better for them. She's determined.

  • ARISA: Aglet's really intimidated by her. when she asked Arisa if she liked to draw and Arisa said No with the deadpan voice ever she lost a few years of her life it was so fucking embarrassing. She appreciates that she's being nicer to the T(aaa)skforce, though. hearing about her outings with Ru-ru and seeing her take Peeby under her wing also changed her perception of her a bit.

  • PEEBY: Aglet thinks Peeby is adorable!!! Although they definitely jumpscared her in her room she has a lot of fun helping Peeby understand things <3 especially when they come to her to ask about Alric! Sometimes they show her stuff he does out of context and she totallyyyy thinks he's doing freak shit (fruity) but respectfully she's NOT going to tell that to Peeby love forever.

  • SEO: Seo freaked out Aglet so bad that she reintegrated into society. She taught her the importance of boundaries and she doesn't even know </3. Despite that first encounter, they were able to be friends and now she is invited to all girls' nights ever <3 POV you're just a little hater (affectionate and with the tingly feeling of friendship)

  • RU-RU: She lured Aglet in Arial in the surveillance department with her boo-boos and it totally worked <3 they all had a heart to heart and she extracted their memories and deepest darkest secrets for targeted ads! That freaked out Aggie quite significantly. When she realized she encountered Ru-ru in the production department she went from being in fight or flight to just kinda sheepish once they started talking again... Her perception of Ru-ru changed once she started talking about skipping work and her outings with Arisa. Once she's able to get over the targeted ads incident maybe she'll be able to talk to her more easily (is what she thought would happen, but it hasn't and never will <3).

  • ALICE: After a pretty major surgery, Alric wasn't able to answer his phone at all, which led to Alice calling another one of his roommates' landlines... that roommate ended up being Aglet! The two of them hit it off pretty fast because they got to tear Alric a new butthole and share hot goss about those two hot guys he's talking to <3 Aglet did hide Alric's post-surgery state from Alice when she asked bc respectfully she didn't want to freak out his sister. They didn't talk as much after the production department incidents, but caught up during Aggie's week off. She enjoys their conversations greatly, but sometimes she can't help but feel really bad because...

  • GARTER: Aglet literally murdered Garter. it was impulsive and messy and not a good look on her! she went way too hard during that encounter and totally regret it right after. Alric revived both garter and her friend, and when Aglet went up to Garter to apologize (and let her get a few hits in) Garter literally yanked out Aglet's right eye and put it in her own socket. Aglet wasn't even mad about that she totally thought she deserved it. Garter and Aggie haven't talked since that whole incident but like if Garter asked Aggie to do anything she would just be like "Yes honey..." because even if Garter's totally over it Aggie is NOT and still feels really bad.
    So when Aggie started catching up with Alice and found out that her and Garter were Talking~ she felt so deeply mortified and it only came out as her going like "um...!! wow!!! i'msohappyforyouihavetogo <3" hangs up

  • ZACK: He's so funny and she LOVES talking to him about their favorite fugly slut. She's still so embarrassed about how she can only cook eggs and he found out that eggs are some of his least favorite foods after eating the ones she cooked. like she's not over that she gets embarrassed really easily and even though he insists that it's alright every time she sees him side eye an egg her face scrunches up like a kid who ate a lemon for the first time. she's interested in knowing what kinds of foods he DOES like and is super invested in his food discovery journey <3

  • GARDENIA: Seeing Gardenia made the vine boom sound ring in Aglet's head but she is a pretty nice boss! Aglet's not really as intimidated by her as the other t(aaa)skforce members but she does feel overwhelmed by some of the jobs Gardenia has them all do. Also she sees Gardenia tearing her gbf a new butthole and is like... Heh...

  • GULLY: Who?
  • aglet doesn't really have many characters who inspired her because her character traits (being silly, a little offputting, being a specific breed of pathetic loser (celebratory)) weren't really from anyone specifically. design-wise she reminds me of noelle (deltarune) a bit and also her formerly being the in-universe equivalent of hannah montana is like. significant to her backstory.
    • that being said one of her session 0 inspirations was doofenshmirtz because she had really out-there backstories

  • aglet is a name that our dm came up with on a whim and it just stuck <3 her last name was originally [REDACTED] but for plot reasons it's Redaglet

  • her mom, bracelet, is a fawn (like a satyr but a deer!) and her dad, anklet, is a tiefling.
    • she has her mom's eyes and eyebrows. she also obvs got the deer tail and antlers from her. she got her nose and fangs from her dad (also the periwinkle skin lol)

  • aglet can't cook. <3 she's the kind of bitch who just learned how to cook eggs but every time she tries the yolk breaks so she keeps trying until she gets one with a runny yolk and goes through the entire carton in 3 days or less .

  • session 0 differences:
    • in session 0, aglet had never felt the touch of a woman </3 in the current campaign aglet's had several relationships in the past (although she forgot about many of them bc shes a literal amnesiac) and now she's actually dating her coworkers. what office pussy does to a mf <3
    • aglet originally had her side shave on the left side of her head, but when we brought back the campaign i totally forgot and now it's on the opposite side lol
    • aglet used to be really deceptive and had this whole thing where she was like... super deliberate about making herself look like an open book with no secrets so that people wouldn't question her about Things That Actually matter to her... but that's really hard to play. now she's actually an open book and can't lie about shit that matters to her to save her life.
      • tl;dr in session 0 aglet was scared of other people finding shit out about her now aglet's more afraid of finding shit out about herself hope this helps. like there are people looking for her that know pretty much everything about her and she just wants to be a normal person totally disassociated from all that
    • in session 0, aglet started crying when someone asked her what her favorite color was. it was a really good bit but she's moved past this in the current campaign. current alric would totally do this tho lmao rip to him </3
    • in session 0, alric made aglet into an urban legend for funsies because he was an influencer and wanted money and clout. in the current campaign, alric was commissioned to create a distraction, and after doing some research he managed to catch aglet Out In The Wild and made her into an urban legend. unbeknownst to him this "urban legend" was actually a missing person and the (blurry) photos he took of her ended up being significant leads for everyone looking for her (there are a lot of people looking for her.) this took place a few months before they started working at Petaldive, and they didn't actually know each other. alric didn't recognize aglet when they met at Petaldive, since he kinda totally forgot about the whole thing until session 25. he ended up telling aglet and she dissociated super hard but she's not mad! she's not mad </3
  • i took this quiz to see what kind of result aglet would get and it made me especially mentally ill. she got Love as Tenderness. do with that what you will. i personally think she would also have Love as a Choice as well <3
  • aglet started pursuing art as a hobby because of alric and if all goes well she'll try to pursue it as a sort of side career after Petaldive! she's a multimedia artist and is really into illustration and ceramics rn!
  • this is aglet's pokemon team }:)