• NAME: pitaya mangus agnus
    • ALIASES: vesper, alric starbrand, seven (ven), silas
    • AKA: manny, sparkler, lil man
  • RACE: tiefling (human descended) also hes latino dont think about it too hard <3
  • CLASS: warlock but he has a million patrons and no subclass bc hes sexy like that (but currently grabs subclass features from archfey bc of who hes currently working for)
  • AGE+BDAY: 23 + 4/19 (aries)
  • PRONOUNS: usually uses he/him as alric and they/them as vesper for convenience but truly does not care. any pronouns this mf
  • GENDER: sort of kind of a dude but not really. transmasc swag
  • SEXUALITY: hes mlm both as in multilevel marketing and he kisses men <3
  • HEIGHT: 5'10 without the horns as alric, normally 5'10 With the horns though.
  • WEAPON: his bluetooth phone is his magic focus. he also uses it to talk to his many patrons its like godphoning but literal
  • DEPARTMENT: sales
  • FAV FOODS: anything sour enough to make him feel like his tongues gonna fall off + homecooked meals
  • HOBBIES: making fireworks (and explosives in general), reading dead mages' grimoires/spellbooks, cooking, sparring, drawing
    • he likes trying out new hobbies at new jobs so at petaldive he picked up:
    • web surfing (he's learning so much about the internet)
    • computer art (draws on mspaint with his mouse lol)
    • gardening (birds nest fern named fernandez + neon pothos named lil devil)

he looks like the devil jk he has fuschia skin that fades to blurple at his horns and tail and chartreuse yellow hair thats a little above shoulder length (he just tells ppl hes blond lol). if you know what yellow mildliners look like it's that color. or like if a blond person swam in a chlorine pool every day. its pretty light colored tbh like platinum blonde but neon. the shadows for his hair are closer to teal (like more bluish) than green. he has dark eyebrows tho don't ask me how that works. his eyebrows have like little horns on them but i usually draw them as ram eyebrows to simplify them (like link legend of zelda's brows)

his eyes are dark grey w no visible iris or pupil (but he does have them) and the pupils are light reflective (like the way animal's pupils reflect light) so you'll know if he's looking at you at least. also his eyes are kinda downturned and he always has them half closed (he just has a lot of eyelid). also his bottom eyelashes are more prominent than the top ones i always draw him w an eyelash at the corner and one at the center of his bottom lashline.

his suit is also light reflective bc he likes gaudy shit. his tie and shoes look more black than this pic its just that i made the lineart dark purple so i just rolled with it, they look black at a glance but when light hits them they look more purple. absolutely nothing about him is inconspicuous.

when he's not wearing Business Attire, he dresses very 80s. so like colorful windbreakers + button ups with funky patterns that are unbuttoned just enough to look a Little slutty <3.

At home he wears those really ugly graphic t-shirts because he thinks they're really funny (he gets a lot of them from anthe lol). Examples of this would include the shakira akira shirt, the garfield neon genesis evangelion shirt, and the shirt that says pennsylvania in the castlevania logo font.

he has scarring along his forearms but they're from magic overuse and not physical damage i don't have a ref for it yet but they wrap around his forearms and are just a little lighter than his skin color. also he's left handed!

he has unstyled hair because he thought it would fit the asshole businessman look, but he usually changes his hair up a lot (both the hair length, style, and color)
some hairstyles he's worn in canon:

  • half ponytail (think date from ai: somnium files but with it ending in a ponytail instead of a bun)
  • len vocaloid ponytail
  • link botw ponytail
  • albedo genshin impact braids

art: 1. suit in normal lighting; 2. suit being light reflective (idk how to color light reflective shit ngl); 3. fullbody turnaround by katdoods/lesbigne

Mangus originally set out to attend some really prestigious wizarding school (the same one his older sister was attending at the time) to learn transmutation magic, but then he realized he absolutely hated school lol. What really pushed him to drop out and start doing what he currently does is that while he was celebrating the end of his first semester with some bros he ended up pissing off one of the strongest beings in the known universe </3.

so he like bought a round for his friends and was like lol i'll just put the tab on some rando in here and as he was walking out of the bulding he felt a hand on his shoulder. he turned around and saw a gloved, white hand attached to a loooooong fuzzy arm. as this cloaked figured approached him the arm slowly unstretched back to its normal length. while this guy wasn't exactly imposing, mangus could tell they were gonna get his ass for putting the tab on them.

the person offered to settle the tab over a game, which was much more entertaining than the alternative. mangus agreed, but as they started playing, he noticed that they were hardcore cheating. he ended up exposing that mf so hard it was honestly pretty humiliating, regardless of who was winning at that point.

needless to say he succeeded bc hes actually really good at gambling games but it kinda backfired once he realized his opponent was none other than Rickey Rat, the Archdevil of Entertainment known as the Herald of Darkness. who happens to 1. hate looking bad (and mangus totally made him look like a dumbass) and 2. losing money (guess who had to pay the tab lol what a loser). so he reacted the only way an evil mascot would: he was like kh2 mickey mouse voice "You'll pay for this..." and promised that next time he saw him he'd come to fucking collect (mangus' soul). but like he had a backlog of souls to collect already so he'd be back in 10 years.

once mangus processed what the fuck happened, he realized he wouldn't be able to amass the amount of power he needed to survive The Ratpocalypse by just wizarding it up at school. so he decided he'd turn to...other means. being related to both a famous warlock and a devil who rickey rat could retailate against, he decided he'd do all his work in a way that kept it unassociated with his family. and thats how his worksona vesper was born <3

as a warlock he treats his pacts more like contracts, being able to work for higher beings in exchange for power. BUT he doesn't have to do anything binding like handing over his soul or devoting himself to them in any way. he's generally pretty informal towards them, as he was partially raised by one, which definitely pisses some of them off - but honestly he's so good at his job that nobody really says shit to him.

at this point, he's worked for fiends, celestials, the raven queen, a great old one, and an archfey. his constant exposure to magic that's over his level and the power higher beings radiate can mess him up a little, but he'll worry about that After the rat is taken care of.

MANNY: this is who alric actually is i guess

ARIAL: he kind of made a poor first impression on her (as he usually does) and looked really stupid but he was able to fix it once they both had that silent Oh Youre Gay Too moment. they are very mlm wlw hostility. He got kinda annoyed when she would work out in their shared doorway but he's slept in her room enough times that he just kinda got used to sharing stuff with her. He also likes sparring with her since she's strong asf and making wagers with her (its 1:1 but alrics won more money from both so whos the real winner ;) ). She does accounting shit for his sales stuff bc she knows hes shit at math and does it under the guise of rubbing his mistakes in his face but hes just glad shes better at it than him LMAO. He doesn't know how to feel about how willing she is to take hits for him in battle tbh he's just gonna keep making her "Thanks for saving my life again" carbonara <3 They both poke fun at each other and get on each other's nerves but alric still considers arial his first friend at petaldive since she was the first person who made an effort to get to know him (even if it was by trying to figure out if he was into kon LMAO also the answer was yes).

AGLET: at first he didnt know how to talk to her bc she was so customer service and arial was so gay so he would just kinda leave them on their own. when she saw him drawing on mspaint she was like omg that is soooo cool and then he jokingly told her to read a how to draw manga book (thankfully she didnt i think?) but she did start drawing and became a multimedia artist. tbh he thinks her art is soooo cool and is =:) that she got into art bc of his silly little get out of working hobby. once she started freaking out more he kinda felt compelled to look after her, and once he realized she had issues with rickey rat and buisney he understood why. he also appreciates that she definitely knows some things about himself that he's tried to keep secret but is upfront about not wanting to pry. he also wants to be there for her but knows that talking about her shit sometimes gives her literal psychic damage so. idk they are both there for each other and will talk about it eventually. also he likes to rag on her for being a fruit. peace and love

KON: he has a little crush on him and is making it everyones problem. also he realized he could have met kon like 10 years ago and his life would have probably been wildly different, but it didn't happen. he's attempting to have an ethical office + warlock/patron + "we're both trying to kill the same dude" romance

THYME: tl;dr listen to the name of the game by abba that basically tells you everything you need to know. they've allegedly only known each other since alric started working at petaldive, but they've actually been dancing around each other for about five years now. he fucking loves hanging out with this dude but sometimes thyme makes him feel very cared about out of nowhere and he doesnt know how to feel about it (the feeling is that he likes and trusts him).

TARO: they both stay up late so they usually run into each other when they're getting their midnight snacks. He is the roommate of both of Taro's...lovely office workers so they run into each other in the living room in the middle of the night pretty often. Taro stays over a lot but he doesn't mind because they eat midnight snacks together.

ARISA: she thinks he's suspicious and he took that personally. she reminds him of another boss he had and things are kinda dicey between them whenever arisa breathes he's like Oh god this is just like the time when The Raven Queen-

QUIZMASTER: he thinks this guy gives pretty sound advice and is also super chill to hang out with. he's glad that he didnt have to take the "am i gay quiz" with them. they still need to talk about how he's getting married!!!!

PEEBY: he thinks peeby is a little baby and is so cute. BUT he wishes peeby would just ask him about what he does directly instead of asking his friends about him (and showing them like random footage of alric doing weird shit). it is worrying to know that peeby is watching and recording like everything he does but he is granted more privacy just because he Needs it. unfortunately the holes in peebys Alric Info are what prompts them to ask others to fill in the blanks in the first place.

GARDENIA: alric's lowkey scared of her because she's his boss but also potential mother in law and he doesn't wanna look bad yk? also she knows literally everything about him because she had been tracking vesper's actions which terrifies him but it's ok because he made a deal with her to never sell his info ever. he hopes that she likes him bc he wants her to be cool with him and kon and thyme dating LMAO

LEMON: HE HAS A 9 Y/O DAUGHTER??!?!? WITH KON AND THYME IN THE FUTURE???!?!? tbh he's only known lemon for a day but if anything happens to her he'd kill everyone in the building and then himself. he totally forgot she exists because no spoilers but in the brief time he knew her it was very comforting to know that it was possible for him to survive The Ratpocalypse and live long enough to have his own family and shit.

SEN: his actual real corporate boss in sales & marketing who he thinks has a stick up his ass. sen and alric actually have a lot in common since sen is an ex merc but alric is still in that business and he would rather die than tell sen that he's vesper. its especially bad since they actually met and got along back in the day BUT SEN DOESN'T RECOGNIZE HIM BECAUSE OF THE DISGUISE LMFAO. alric likes to antagonize him even though sen is the only one who will actually kill him over it because if he stops then sen wins. maybe if things were different they could have been friends...maybe even- no, forget it...(been good coworkers).

ZACK: alric's best friend 5ever you will never understand the strength of their bond. alric was zack's cause of death (the second time) but there's no hard feelings about it because they both respect the rules of 1v1. also zack has a nice job and doesn't have to be on the run anymore (unlike alric lmao) so it kind of worked out! they also explored each others bodies because they used to be the extremely popular tag team pro wrestler duo The High Rollers.

BANI: his older sister whos a weirdo in the mad scientist way (she's an alchemist whos into transmutation magic) and is the pride and joy of the family. she calls him super often bc theyre very close and get along well. shes the family member alric talks to the most because he lowkey avoids most of his family but he could not shake her off shes so nosy /celebratory. she's the only family member who knows about him being vesper (but not about how he's beefing it with the rat). at work he tells ppl her name is alice starbrand.

DURAYIN: alrics human grandpa, god basically said copy/paste @ the two of them. hes basically like Omg ur just like me son <3 and alric cant even be mad bc its unfortunately true. durayin's like the family member who would pretend to be alric's dad whenever he got in trouble so his parents wouldn't chew him out for it. he did his mage apprenticeship under him, but he handles his warlock stuff differently so people don't associate them. he worries that durayin knows more about his situation that he lets on because he's the type to silently intervene (he does and already has lmao). he appreciates that durayin still tries to keep him out of trouble, even if it's in his weird 5d chess way.

ANTHE: alric's devil grandpa. he has more in common with durayin in terms of facial structure and personality, but he and anthe both like flashy things and pyrotechnics. hes glad that despite their entanglement with the chain, anthe is still able to live his life as usual and have fun. he did his Devil Nobility Education Speedrun (jic) and pyrotechnics apprenticeship under him. alric takes his advice to heart and is where he got his slacker tendecies from lol ("work less it's good for you"). he worries about how rickey rat would retaliate if he found out the two were related.

  • characters he's loosely based off of and what i took from each one:
    • florence (winter moon): super powerful gay mage who loves fire and has a huge ego. this was the basis for alric lmfao
    • goro majima (yakuza): the way majima lives in yakuza 0 (idk how to explain without a shit ton of context tbh) is a lot like how vesper lives
    • rui kamishiro (pjsekai): weird gay dude who's really curious except for alric its magic instead of machinery. also largely avoided/disliked
    • reigen arataka (mp100): the outfit and conman vibes. alrics very much not a conman, i just wanted him to look untrustworthy (he isn't).
    • theobald leonheart (lieat): wearing a new disguise for every job, having a hard time dealing with lying, (SPOILERS) started lying to protect his family, 23 y/o single father (if alric raised lemon it would be like this tbh)
    • therion (octopath traveler): something about the way that he doesn't want people to trust him because they'll set themselves up to get hurt except he's projecting bc they both have mad trust issues god bless. doing funny voices when pretending to be someone else. his little wahaha laugh.
    • dark pit (kid icarus uprising): literally did not base alric off of this guy intentionally but dark pit is THE character of all time for me so like...a lot of him bled into alric's character lol. like valuing his autonomy above all else, hating working for any gods but needing to do it for power, the whole "servant to no other but myself" thing, enjoying fighting, idk i could go on but id need to replay kiu LMAO
  • here's some characters he's been compared to for funsies:
    • roland (library of ruina): his whole "this is this and that is that" attitude about mercenary work
    • kotaro tatsumi (zombieland saga): making himself look bad on purpose so that his friends look better
    • dito (drakengard 3): if u take away the sadism part they talk similarly. they both have common sense
    • i did a charactour for him and he got bart simpson, bill cipher, jack sparrow, and (you won't believe this one) the joker
  • if he had pokemon he would have a morgrem and hisuian typhlosion!!!!! and maybe colorful ones like bruxish, shiny alolan muk, blacephalon, and mega shiny garchomp
  • if he knew what fnaf was his favorite song would be die in a fire (fnaf is canon in the petaldive universe now and he learned about it very recently)
  • so i took this quiz to see what kind of love he embodies and he got love as tenderness. he is sick in the head! i think he'd also be love as being known. hope this helps.
  • most of alrics names and aliases are references to random shit:
    • alric starbrand is the name of my wizard101 character (yes the starbrand part was bc i was watching jojo at the time)
    • his devil name being meteoro is bc i thought itd be funny if he was named after latin american dub speed racer <3 which was my first anime
    • his name being mangus is bc my friends and i would call mango cookie from cookie run kingdom mangus cookie
    • vesper is the name of an oc design i adopted when i was like 12 bc the oc would be given to whoever came up w the coolest time related name for them. i forgot what they looked like bc i lost the account that created them and i didnt draw good when i was 12 LMAO. rip og vesper you will live on through this guy
  • everyone in his family is named after fruits. he is mangus (mangos), his sister is bananice (bananas), his dad's named apul (apple), his mom coincidentally is named cheri (cherry), and his grandpa is durayin (durian)
  • session 0 differences:
    • so alric starbrand used to be a real person who existed and "conveniently" died right before his petaldive internship so mangus could replace him
    • this alric starbrand was like a spoiled rich dude who was a business major and an asshole (inspired by chapman from yuppie psycho) so mangus actually had to emulate his personality
    • so his way of doing that was by being more condescending and acting like he was better than everyone else
    • in the current iteration of this campaign alric starbrand is just a fake name that kon picked out for him so he doesn't have to impersonate a really annoying guy BLESS
    • he used to be more of an influencer type. think of a 24/7 twitch streamer but the chat is all these patrons in his head telling him to do a backflip or smth
    • he used to be actually 5'10 like without having to polymorph himself lol. i changed it bc kon's height was changed from 5'6 to 5'10 (omg they switched)
  • he's the most 8w7 guy ever (enneagram), also for mbti he's an entp or intp i need to look into cognitive functions more tbh
  • he has a spotify playlist, the songs are either lyrically relevant to him or are just there for the vibes (you have to guess which is which). oh some are there bc i dont wanna make zack or bani their own playlists i'm not crazy enough for that (yet).
  • music artists i associate with alric in general would be Oingo Boingo, Lemon Demon, FAKE TYPE., The Garden, and Butter 08
  • i also have a vgm playlist for him (as i do for all the main petaldive cast) but im too lazy to share bc its a musi playlist. generally i associate vgm that is brassy, funky, and dissonant with alric
  • alric was originally gonna have white hair bc hes based off of several white haired anime boys but then i wanted him to be the flashiest mf ever so i changed his hair to highlighter yellow the next day
  • he draws but he's not super serious about it bc durayin is one of those insane ink hyperrealism artists and he draws anime lol (not throwing shade at ppl who draw anime i literally draw for alric).
  • he is the biggest weeb in petaldive and even then he doesn't watch a lot of anime he just watched like spanish dubs (naruto yugioh dbz sailor moon) growing up and then rewatched subs when he was older